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Digital agency
for Marketing & Automation

We support companies in systematically acquiring new customers and specialists via social media and search engines.

Never before has it been so easy to reach so many people at once, and yet it has never been as difficult as it is today to get the attention of those you want to reach.

If they want to build a building, you would also hire an architect and a construction company and not just go ahead and hire any craftsmen. Just think of us as the architects of your digital marketing infrastructure and help you set it up efficiently.

We advise companies and support them in reaching their desired target group at the right time and in the right place.

Our core competencies

Digital sales methods

On-site cold calling and print media are time-consuming and inefficient. With targeted online ads, search engine optimization and a customer relationship management system (CRM), you can manage your customers much more efficiently, get the full sales potential out of it, and save your employees an enormous amount of time, which they can spend on selling your products and services.

Social recruiting

Companies that don’t have an active presence on social media these days can’t expect qualified professionals to apply to them. Recommendations, a stand at the trade fair and articles in magazines are no longer enough to attract attractive applicants. Appear with your company visibly on Google, LinkedIn and social media and build their employer brand.

Analytics & Automation

Invest in a holistic digital strategy based on facts, figures, and data. Unlike the occasional advertising spend here and there, your investment in online marketing will pay off exponentially over time.

The difference

Unlike traditional advertising agencies, we actively help companies digitize their sales and application processes. This includes customer management systems, automated processes that make everyday work much easier. As our customer, you can benefit from the digital funding provided by the federal and state governments.

the next steps


Potential analysis & initial interview

Fill out your Potential Analysis and receive a comprehensive assessment of your marketing performance and how other competitors compare to you in your initial consultation.


Offer & Onboarding

If we find out together that we are a good match and that we both benefit from a partnership, we will send you an offer that suits your company. Immediately after confirmation, we will work out a joint strategy plan that is aligned with your goals.


Strategy & Implementation

In this step, you will receive all their required accesses for successful collaboration. We provide you with all the tools to get the best result and go into the implementation of the agreed goals.


Evaluation & Adaptation

After the pilot phase, we will look at the results together and make adjustments based on the data collected, if necessary.

Your Free Marketing Report

In this analysis, your marketing activities are examined from the outside and you receive a far-reaching assessment of their effectiveness and growth potential.

Social media

Search engines

Tracking & Analytics


Competitor analysis

Social media

  • Content planning
  • Content creation
  • Interaction on platforms

Search engine optimization

  • Website optimization
  • Building organic content

Tracking & Analytics

  • Privacy compliant conversion tracking
  • Optimization of paid campaigns
  • Regular reporting

Your 6 advantages

GDPR compliant

Marketing according to European standards and compliance with German data protection reduce the risk of unnecessary warnings.

Knowledge transfer

Benefit from our comprehensive online academy, where even topics outside your company can learn the basics of digital marketing.


Through our enterprise software, we can offer our clients round-the-clock support via messenger and video, saving unnecessary emails and phone calls.


At regular intervals, you will receive an evaluation from us with recommendations for action regarding the services provided and their results.

Satisfaction guarantee

We want only absolutely happy clients and guarantee results within the shortest possible time, therefore we offer a monthly cancellation right after the first pilot phase.

tax deductible

Our services are  business expense so all costs are tax deductible. Just write it off.

“Digitization is the only way to realize the full potential of data and analytics.”

Mark Hurd, CEO of Oracle

Current work

Le petit coq

Some of our customer testimonials

“When we redesigned our website, we implemented an automated ticket system for requests, which allowed us to reduce the time spent from 1 hour a day to just under 15 minutes, which equates to over 27 working days over the course of the year.”

Eric Bergmann

Managing Partner, Jigger & Spoon

“Through the marketing and automation mechanisms, we were able to generate over 30% revenue profit in the year of implementation.”

Fero F. Ceylan

Owner, Le Petit Coq

“I wasn’t very open to social media at first, but using LinkedIn as an additional acquisition channel was really a GameChanger.”

Christian Angres

Sales Director, pema elektrotechnik GmbH

Marketing moving forward

In the past, marketing was mainly limited to offline methods, such as flyers, posters and the like. Today, there are many more options e.g. social media marketing, online advertising and email marketing. They enable companies to target their audience and to track and adjust their efforts in real time, thus achieving results more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Facts & Figures

According to Google, a load time of over 3 seconds can lead to a bounce rate of over 53% of mobile users.

In 2021 study by Hootsuite and We Are Social, the global average of mobile internet users was about 67%. This means that nearly two-thirds of the world’s population access the internet via a mobile device.

It was also found that about 42% of the total population has access to social media. This means that almost half of the world’s population is regularly or occasionally active on social media.


  • Bounce rate because of long loading time – 53%.
  • Share of mobile devices – 67%
  • Users with a Social Media Account – 42%

Frequently Asked QUESTIONS

What services does your digital agency offer?

Our agency offers key online marketing services such as search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC), social media management, content marketing and email marketing. For further services we have a network of partners that we can fall back on.

Does a collaboration make sense if I already have someone for my website or social media already?

Yes, a collaboration can still make sense, as each partner brings their own skills and experience to the table, increasing the chances of success. It can also be useful to get a second opinion from an expert or to get new ideas and approaches. In addition, errors can be avoided that are better known in the agency’s day-to-day business and may be lost in the normal day-to-day business of your company.

How do you determine which digital marketing strategies are right for our business?

We determine the best digital marketing strategies for their business through a thorough analysis of the industry, your desired target audience and your competitors. We also take into account your goals and the potential of your advertising budget.

What is your pricing structure for digital marketing services?

Our pricing structure for digital marketing services is based on the specific services needed and the scope of the project. We put together individual offers for clients after a thorough analysis of their needs and goals.

How do I get digital funding for my business?

The federal government and the states have set up funding programs to make digitization easier for companies. To do this, you submit our invoice via your tax advisor and, in the best case scenario, you will then be reimbursed for up to 50% of your expenses. But the funding is expected to expire in 2023, so now is the best time to act.

How does a collaboration work?

Under the next steps section we have explained the process in detail and if anything is still unclear please get in touch for a free get to know you meeting so we can clarify any outstanding issues.

Is my company suitable for cooperation at all?

With our agency services, we mainly target medium-sized and owner-managed companies that are strongly growth-oriented and have recognized the potential of digitization.

Can you help my website to be found better in search engines?

Yes, our SEO services include on-page optimization, off-page optimization and technical SEO. We use proven strategies to improve your search engine ranking and get more visitors to your website through engaging content and load time optimization.

How do you measure the success of your digital marketing campaigns?

We measure the success of our digital marketing campaigns by tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) such as website traffic, conversion rates, and return on investment (ROI). We also provide regular reports to clients to keep them updated on campaign progress and results.

How long does it take to see results from your digital marketing services?

The time it takes to see results from our digital marketing services varies depending on the specific service and the client’s industry and competition. However, we always strive to deliver results as quickly as possible and continuously work to improve our clients’ online presence.

Data protection
We, the Get MADE UG (haftungsbeschränkt) (Registered business address: Germany), would like to process personal information with external services. This is not necessary for the use of the website, but allows us to interact even more closely with them. If desired, please make a choice:
Data protection
We, the Get MADE UG (haftungsbeschränkt) (Registered business address: Germany), would like to process personal information with external services. This is not necessary for the use of the website, but allows us to interact even more closely with them. If desired, please make a choice: